Meister Direct adds behavioral data to enhance lists

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As director of audience development, Ted Stazak oversees Meister Direct, the department that handles Meister Media's list rental activities. In his current position for nine months, Stazak is involved in projects that would add online behavioral data to the audience records. Media Business: How is your list rental business doing? Ted Stazak: As a percentage of our total revenue, it represents about 3%, but it is growing. In the first three months of this year, we've actually had record months. Why? We did a quick analysis and found that some clients went to other list sources, which may have been less expensive, and then they came back to us because of the quality of our lists. The majority of our list rental is handled internally by the account executives working with our commercial clients. Statlistics does some sales for us, but it is a small percentage of the revenue generated by our lists. MB: Are you doing anything different in how you organize, select or append audience data? Stazak: We are going to do some different things, such as adding behavioral data on the audience in addition to the demographics. I'm vetting a system that will gate our websites and start tracking behavioral data on Web visitors. This will allow us to build a 360-degree, holistic view of our audience members. We're also looking to add functionality that will let users log in with their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter user names and passwords. When they do that, they are giving us permission to grab the public data from their profiles and append it to our master database. We're also moving to (a different email vendor) so that we can get the behavioral data from emails. MB: How will this impact the lists you rent? Stazak: When we can append the behavioral data to what we have, it will enhance the value of our lists. We will probably develop new lists based on topics and behavioral patterns. MB: Do you think this will have an impact on your list pricing? Stazak: We have standard rates that are the same across all lists; but, in the future, we will be looking at varying the price according to the value of individual lists in the marketplace. For example, an opt-in address for a cotton grower is very hard to get, so we might be able to charge a premium.
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