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Kim Jackson has been director-print services at Willoughby, Ohio-based Meister Media for eight years. She oversees production for 17 publications (11 monthlies, one bimonthly, three quarterlies and three annuals), including American Fruit Grower and CropLife.

MB: What's new at Meister Media?

Jackson: We just switched to InDesign and had our whole editorial team switch from Macs to PCs.

MB: What was the thought behind the computer switch?

Jackson: Our machines were getting a little old, and switching completely to a whole new set of Macs would have run us a large sum of money, so we decided to switch the edit staff to PCs since most of them don't have to deal with design issues or anything like that. Our IT department is really strong on people who know PCs inside and out, so they were really pushing for it. But we also had to make sure it would serve the editorial department well and not cause any kind of issues. The switch to InDesign actually makes the switch to PCs end up not being that big of a deal editorially.

MB: Why's that?

Jackson: Well, we switched the edit staff to InCopy so we could have a seamless work flow throughout, and it works just fine on the PCs. The decision to switch from Quark to InDesign took an incredibly long time?about 18 months?but it was fully thought out. At the start, I didn't think we would switch, but InDesign has made many improvements over a very short amount of time. ? We're happy with the switch.

?Mark J. Miller

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