Merging email with social, mobile efforts

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Integrating social, mobile and email marketing efforts can be complicated, but it's increasingly important for marketers that want to connect with customers and prospects. With the adoption of smartphones soaring—passing 50% in major markets around the globe, according to recent eMarketer research—marketers that don't have a mobile email strategy could miss opportunities because email still drives so many other marketing channels, including social. "There's a direct correlation between sending email and driving social engagement via mobile," said Dane Atkinson, CEO of SumAll Inc., a business analytics provider for the small and midsize business market. "It's imperative to spend some of your email cycles on social services to make them all part of a retained loop." Here, Atkinson details three ways to better merge your email, social and mobile strategies.
  1. Send out emails about what you're doing on Facebook. A March IDC study sponsored by Facebook ("Always Connected: How Smartphones and Social Keep Us Engaged") found that 70% of study respondents use Facebook Mobile, with 61% reporting daily use. Sending updates about your Facebook or other social media activities via email gives recipients another way to interact with you. "Then you can even create a new email list comprised of Facebook fans, since you know they are highly engaged with your brand on multiple levels," Atkinson said.
  2. Use email to highlight photos of subscribers with your product or service. "People like fame, attention and a following, so if you have a product or service that can be associated with a photo, ask subscribers via your email newsletter to email you with Pinterest or Instagram links," Atkinson said. You'll end up boosting your following on both sites, he said. Make sure you create a hashtag or keyword to boost search engine optimization on those social networks and general search engines as well.
  3. Include screen shots of video in your next email newsletter. Embedding video in email can be tricky, especially for mobile users, but dropping a carefully chosen screen grab with a link and a short explanation why readers should click through can be effective, Atkinson said.
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