Missing from your bookshelf: Metrics

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When I saw your recent article ("A marketing reading list for 2005," Aug. 8, page 14), I noticed that none of the books was about marketing metrics. I know we've talked about our book, "Measure What Matters," which has been very well received. I believe you were sent a copy of the book last year just after it came out.

Here at VisionEdge Marketing, we're quickly becoming one of the foremost authorities on this subject in the b-to-b space.

Laura Patterson


VisionEdge Marketing

Austin, Texas

[email protected]

Vertical about food, not equipment

I'm a 25-year veteran of restaurant/ foodservice industry publishing, and I'm writing not so much to complain as to inform you of serious omissions and misdirection in your recent article about vertical marketing to restaurants (BtoB's Guide to Vertical Marketing: Restaurants, page 34).

First of all, our publication, Plate, which was a new entry into the field in 2003 but one that has grown by 100 pages a year for its first three years and [outperformed] every other publication listed in your article, is not listed.

Second, your reliance on sources from the equipment side of the industry I believe seriously skews your article and gives undue emphasis to trade shows versus publications. The primary product category in this market is not equipment but food, and the perspective of food marketers (and their agencies) is not adequately represented in this article.

I was 20-plus years with Restaurants & Institutions (1980-2001) and founded another one of your listed publications, Chain Leader, in 1996. With Plate, we have built a new magazine into a very credible publication (winner of a 2005 Jesse Neal Award) in a very short period of time.

I think the restaurant market warrants another in-depth look by your publication.

Steven Mayer

Publisher, Plate


[email protected]

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