Going mobile? Here are the basics


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Once such mobilization basics are in place, the next step is to think about how mobile fits in with a company's larger marketing goals, said Michael Becker, North American managing director of the Mobile Marketing Association (see Q&A, page 15). “Where in the customer life cycle are you looking to engage with mobile?” he asked. “Is it a new customer acquisition? Are you maintaining a relationship? Is it a customer care situation?” In each of those scenarios, adding mobile marketing to the mix can extend existing marketing efforts in unique and important ways—the most important being, particularly in the b-to-b context, the fact that mobile communications might just be the most personal of all marketing channels, Becker said. “We're really in the early days [with b-to-b mobile marketing], but what it's really causing is a transition from traditional b-to-b practices to more consumerlike practices,” he said. “And that's because mobile really is a much more personal device.” Still, mobile represents just one piece of an effective marketing strategy, not an entirely new area that is separate from other efforts. “Creating a service or experience, not just a communications strategy, [that] is accessible on all platforms, is what good mobile marketing is about,” said Doremus' Don. “Being relevant and providing accessible content on devices where the audience is spending time is what separates a meaningful mobile execution from mobile as an extended channel afterthought.”
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