Moxie announces results of 'biscraper' ad study

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Atlanta—Moxie Interactive, a digital advertising and marketing agency, announced the results of a study on its new online ad format, the biscraper ad.

The biscraper is a set of two parallel ads that measure 160x600 pixels each, conforming to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s standard for skyscraper units. The units were designed for eventual use with high-definition TV ads.

According to a study of the new ad unit by research company Eyetools, the biscraper unit used as a stand-alone ad showed increased performance over single skyscraper units, either flush left or flush right on the page.

The biscraper ad was viewed by nearly 75% of participants. With an average exposure of 34 seconds per session on the page, participants looked at the ads an average of five times during a session.

Eyetools monitors Internet users’ eye movements as they look at Web pages.

—Kate Maddox

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