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By the numbers

Spending on online video advertising is expected to grow from $775.0 million in 2006 to $2.90 billion in 2010.

Source: eMarketer, BtoB, April 2, 2007

70% of the Internet audience, or nearly 123 million people in the U.S., viewed streaming video online in January 2007. Those viewers watched a total of 7.20 billion videos, viewing an average of 151 minutes of video for the month.

Source: ComScore, BtoB, March 23, 2007

Online video advertising spending as a percentage of U.S. total online advertising spending is expected to grow from 2.3% in 2006 to 3.2% in 2007, 4.7% in 2008, 6.2% in 2009 and 8.0% in 2010.

Source: eMarketer, BtoB, Oct. 9, 2006

$1.65 billion—the amount Google paid to acquire YouTube in October 2006.

Source: BtoB, Oct. 10, 2006

Podcasting is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 101% through 2010, from 4.5 million listeners in 2006 to an estimated 56.8 million in 2010.

Source: Diffusion Group, BtoB, Nov. 14, 2006

Video drivers

Online video hit it big in 2006. Here's what drove the explosion:

Continued consumer bandwidth improvements.

Explosion of amateur videos on YouTube.

Growth of mainstream online video on Itunes and media Web sites.

Addition of video to MP3 players, including iPods.

Experiments with video blogs such as Rocketboom.

Source: BtoB, Feb. 12, 2007

They said it

"It costs less than doing a 30-second TV spot, but a more important question is the value of the video asset versus that of an ad. The longevity of an ad is three to six months at best, but the longevity of a story being told about business solutions is much longer."

—Doug Scott, senior partner and executive director-branded content and entertainment at Ogilvy North America, on online video advertising.

Source: BtoB, April 2, 2007

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