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Attending American Business Media's 51st Annual Jesse H. Neal Awards ceremony in mid-March was truly a moving experience for me-and I am not often moved at industry events. I have a feeling a lot of others in the crowd of about 500 felt the same way.

Despite all the negativity and challenging business issues b-to-b publishing has faced the past few years, it was great to be reminded that our industy is very much alive and well, and that publishing remains truly impactful. And ABM once again put on a great show for those editors and publishers who labor over their products with such love.

It reminded me how much our readers love our publications, and with good reason. We are all about their daily business lives, and our stories are just as (or more) interesting than those found in the sports section or the arts section or in fashion magazines.

Whether it's the big winner, Baseline, which won the Grand Neal Award, or Workforce Management, CSO, Trucker News, Government Computer News and all the other publications that took home awards in this year's competition, every one had cover stories I wanted to read.

There is no question that business media are still amazingly strong, and whether it's in print or in digital editions (like we examine in this issue), or online or in newsletters, it's the written word, news and analysis of their world that makes readers care so passionately about their trades. Let's not forget that.

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