Is newscasting in your future?

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In case you missed the story in the August issue of our sister publication BtoB, videocasting has arrived at business journal Web sites.

CMP Media, a traditional print magazine company, launched its daily program “The News Show” on its Tech Web site earlier this summer.

This news program, quite possibly, provides a glimpse into the future of b-to-b publishing. Already attracting 30,000 viewers daily, it appears to be a big success, with several sponsors signed on.

It makes sense to me. ... Why not have face-to-face interviews online rather than a stilted, edited, personalityless, written Q&A? We all grew up on television, and now, with online technology and inexpensive production, we can Webcast just about anything, from conferences and seminars to news interviews. So why wouldn’t our audiences’ intake of business news not include vertical news shows for our individual industries?

All of us are quickly seeing the growth in interest from our advertisers in marketing online, and now we need to increase our investments in people and technology that we previously had little knowledge of or interest in, such as videocasting. And that will lead us to the real promised land, a share of the big budget ad campaigns developed for television. Advertisers will soon be beating on our doors, wanting to run their 30-second spots, or at least their sales videos, on our Web sites. Let’s be ready for them.

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