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Challenge: For the past year, SAP packet solutions agency Netsirk has spent more time generating real-time sales leads than constructing the newsletters that produce them.

Founded in 1998, Netsirk began as a custom software development agency. In 2003 and again in 2006, the SAP reseller was among the top three partners in the nation. In 2007, the Sunrise, Fla.-based company was a Top 10 partner.

Netsirk needed an industry-based solutions provider to construct, design and deliver its content through an interactive, multimedia, e-mailing system to increase sales leads and revenue.

Solution: Netsirk turned to iMakeNews Inc., creator of the Total Channel Communications (TCC) e-newsletter platform.

Netsirk was introduced to IMN executives through another SAP reseller in January 2007, when the company became a beta tester for IMN’s e-newsletter pilot program.

“We made a pitch to reformat Netsirk’s content and syndicate it to the masses to draw business,” said Jeff Mesnik, founder and VP-business development for IMN. “The deal was done in 30 days.”

“We were happy to be a guinea pig,” said Quincy Faison, president of Netsirk when SAP invited the business to test the program.

IMN has become a pioneer in what it calls “informative marketing,” a strategy that improves business performance and ROI results by creating content through readers’ preferential responses.

Its TCC platform is an Internet-based service that simplifies a marketer’s ability to offer high-quality, predeveloped editorial content to a reseller network. Its supports customization, as well as the inclusion of diverse media (i.e., PDF, Flash, audio, video and RSS). TCC’s final product is a fully integrated combination of e-mail and microsite.

Faison praised IMN’s e-newsletter system. “They do most of it for us. We don’t have to be as involved, which is important because we’re a small organization with 15 employees and don’t have the resources to do this ourselves,” he said.

Before the newsletter is sent out, IMN contacts Michael King, senior account executive at Netsirk, to obtain the company’s mailing list and make any content changes.

When the e-newsletter content is in place, IMN loads the e-mail addresses into its system and sends it out. Faulty e-mail addresses are sent back to IMN afterward, where they are corrected or deleted—another stress off Netsirk’s back.

Any subsequent leads from the e-newsletters are sent directly to Netsirk’s sales team within minutes of a recipient clicking on “Schedule a Meeting” or “Schedule a Demo” link buttons.

Mesnik believes that the ultimate business results these agencies strive for are meetings or sit-downs with the service and product associates because they are the best indicator of purchasing intent.

“It’s $500 per meeting,” Mesnik said. “After 20-some-odd meetings and five to 10 individuals per meeting, it shows that people are very responsive and making some healthy deals and profits through these sit-downs.”

From here, Netsirk has two methodologies: IMN compiles a detailed analytics report that is sent to Netsirk within 24 hours of the live feed and two to three times subsequently. The summary details recipients who have clicked and read which articles, requested meetings and other user behaviors.

Otherwise, Netsirk executives can log into the Partner Enablement Portal for the TCC program at any time to monitor any further tracking results.

Results: Netsirk has seen lower opt-out and higher customer retention rates after switching to the newsletter platform.

“Our direct mails have become more targeted. For example, instead of sending out e-mail blasts and phone calls to over 200 individuals, we can narrow down the field to 50. We know who to call first and what they’re most interested in. It saves us time and increases the chances that the calls will lead to sales,” Faison said.

Faison also credits IMN and its TCC platform with driving in $100,000 in new business within the past 10 to 12 months and adding an estimated $500,000 to $600,000 in lead opportunities within the first six months.

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