BtoB merges Sprint content into streamlined design

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Last year, BtoB featured in its annual "10 great Web sites" feature, highlighting the way the site helps its customers get right down to business. Since then, the company has completed its merger with Sprint and dealt with the awesome task of changing its branding and image one page at a time.

This would be a huge undertaking for any company, but it's especially significant for Nextel Sprint because there are thousands and thousands of pages between the two companies, each with a different message-not to mention millions of customers, each with unique needs and ties to the companies.

Nextel Sprint simplified its task chiefly by doing two things: separating its audience into business and consumer segments. It also created about 20 Web templates to populate the site. "They can be flexed as needed," said Gayle Sweeney, the company's director-Web presence. "We were under [content] development for four months, and it was a large effort; but every page was lifted up and put into the modular structure."

This streamlined navigation so customers could go back and forth between consumer and business capabilities and provided a banner that follows users around the site and provides an immediate call to action.

Customers are responding. Today, after only four months, the site has seen a 10 % traffic increase, with customers spending 15% more time on the site. The registration rate has increased by 50%. More than 30% of all hits go straight to log-in. And, although the company won't release specific figures, conversion rates are tracking to projections and plans, Sweeney said. "We've far exceeded our goals," she added.

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