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In many languages and most countries, a business can find out the status of its shipment quickly and easily through United Parcel Service's Web site.

The site "allows our customers or users of the Web site to transact any business they want with UPS," said Rakesh Sapra, director of interactive marketing for Atlanta-based UPS.

Mr. Sapra said customers get the convenience of dealing with the company through its easy-to-navigate site, and UPS gets the benefit of saving money. He said tracking a package over the telephone can cost the company up to $2. Through the site, tracking costs about a dime.

The site's average traffic to track shipments is about 1 million packages a day, translating into savings of tens of millions of dollars.

In addition to that service, customers can calculate how much different categories of shipping will cost and how long a package will take to reach its destination.

UPS maintains more than 200 Web sites for business in individual countries and now can communicate with customers in more than a dozen languages.

Mr. Sapra said UPS plans to launch a new service, Worldwide Time in Transit, that will let customers know the specific day and time of a delivery worldwide. "Customers will get a response back [to an inquiry] that lists all our services from here to any place we serve, worldwide," he said.

-- Karen E. Nussel

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