Office 2000 eases posting to intranet

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The Office 2000 software suite, released last month by Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft Corp., helps companies post documents to their intranet sites, making the files accessible to all employees.

Here is how it works: A document is automatically saved in HTML format for easy posting to the intranet so employees with a Web browser can view and edit the HTML file, regardless of the software they use.

Case in point

The consulting practice at Unisys Corp., Blue Bell, Penn., an early adopter of Office 2000, is using the software suite so the consultants can collaborate on Unisys' intranet. The company expects to gradually roll out Office 2000 to other units, all of which are connected to the intranet.

Unisys, with more than 30,000 employees, helps customers apply information technology to solve their business problems. Out of the 300 consultants in the company's global customer services business unit, about 10 specialize as Microsoft consultants.

The Web-based intranet allows quick and easy searching to access any document, said Tim Lambert, director of Microsoft program management at Unisys. "The consistent content placement and work patterns will mean greater convenience for our employees," he said.

The consulting practice has relied on notebook computers to get information and resources, and to communicate with other employees; the intranet provides the consultants with a reliable one-stop work space, Mr. Lambert said.

Office 2000 is being used to improve the following consulting practice business processes:

  • Team collaboration.

  • Access to files, project information and data for employees from any location.

  • Viewing of the consulting practice's methodology, services, et cetera.

    "Similar to many large companies, Unisys has several business units that are scattered throughout various office locations, complemented by a vast network of sales, marketing and support sites worldwide," Mr. Lambert said. "Office 2000 is viewed as the catalyst to improve these business processes. The vision is that all employees will be able to conveniently publish information and access any workstation on the intranet."

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