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Omniture Inc., the big Web analytics firm based in Orem, Utah, enables marketers to optimize their digital marketing, helping assure that Web sites are converting page views to leads, and then on to qualified opportunities. Now, the company is working hard to optimize its own lead processes, focusing on the recycling of apparently moribund prospects.

Mikel Chertudi, senior director for demand generation at Omniture, already has in place an automated, multitouch lead nurturing system, focusing on delivering additional content based on the prospect's profile (industry, title, level in the corporate hierarchy, etc.). "We aspire to be on the innovative cusp of what marketers can do with technology," Chertudi said.

But he wants to do better. He's teamed up with InTouch Inc. to identify leads that didn't pan out initially, and which can be recycled back into a process of re-engagement. InTouch CEO Brian Carroll is working with Chertudi and his sales and marketing teams to more closely define the characteristics of Omniture's best customers. This, in turn, also identifies the characteristics of leads that can be recommended for further nurturing.

Omniture's own automated lead nurturing system provides ongoing screening of recycled prospects, who are sent weekly e-mails offering value-based content—a relevant research report, for example. If this doesn't produce interest, the system may automatically relegate the prospect to receiving less-frequent e-mails. Finally, if the prospects may wind up with InTouch, which provides person-to-person telephone contact in an attempt to generate interest.

"We found that most of these leads are open to receiving our calls," Carroll said. "Not to sell them something but just to ask if their needs are being met."

Chertudi is a fan of partnering with outside experts that bring added value to in-house marketing or sales functions; in addition to using InTouch for his own lead recycling, he's recommending the firm's services to Omniture's own clients.

"If you farm out everything connected with sales and marketing, you may take on more risk than you want," he said. "But sometimes companies just don't have the inside function where they can re-engage with the leads they've generated but that didn't work out initially. Working closely together with a partner can produce success."

How successful has the Omniture-InTouch partnership been to date?

"Our sales cycle is pretty lengthy, and it's a little early to determine our ROI yet," Chertudi said of the program, which is barely five months old. "But preliminary results have been very positive, and I think we'll make this work. I'm very optimistic."

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