Oneupweb launches search behavior technologies

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Search engine optimization and marketing company Oneupweb this week announced it has added two new search behavior research technologies to its existing Smart Search Services.

The first service, called eyeGroups, studies opinions and emotions of a Web site’s potential customers by conducting live research into their thought processes while they are searching online. The second service is called A:B Labs; it allows marketers to continually test which creative elements get the highest conversion rates and sales.

"Smart Search Services provide to marketers unique search behavior insight and a systematic means to take advantage of that information to boost their marketing return on investment," said Oneupweb CEO Lisa Wehr. "The services replace assumptions with facts."

EyeGroups provides marketers with information about which language is used by prospects when looking for a service or product, which messages are most attractive to a particular audience and which creative is most appealing and why, as well as how to design offers effectively.

The A:B Labs service allows Oneupweb to test on an ongoing basis each marketing campaign element, including images, copy, Web page color, landing pages and ads. That in turn helps marketers determine which combinations are most likely to boost sales.

Another benefit of the two new services, Wehr said, is that they let search marketers change marketing campaigns before they are launched.

"To my knowledge, no other search engine optimization and marketing firms provide a full range of search behavior solutions," Wehr said, although she conceded some search marketing firms offer a form of A/B testing.

"The information learned from these services gives marketers hard data from which they can comfortably base multimillion-dollar marketing campaigns instead of just crossing their fingers and hoping for the best," she said.

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