Online ad platform looks to keep readers in their 'content zone'

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It is yet another twist in online advertising, this one designed to keep website visitors from bolting to other Internet destinations. Issuu AdPages, which debuted late last year, does not redirect users to other websites; but, rather, opens a full-spread digital advertising promotion in the format of a print ad. Advertisers pay when someone clicks on and reads the ad. Issuu, which publishes online magazines, catalogs and newspapers, has more than 50 million monthly users and delivers 3.2 billion advertising impressions per month. Mik Strøyberg, director of consumer engagement and U.S. sales at Issuu, spoke with Digital Directions about the company's technology. Digital Directions: How does the AdPages technology work? Mik Strøyberg:We have defined all of the content on our website and when you, as a publisher, upload your (content), you get the possibility to promote it to clusters, or the vertical markets that are the most relevant to your audiences. AdPages is part of the overall document that is being uploaded; publishers don't have to install anything. Because your publication has already created the ads, you don't have to do anything else. What we've learned is that because it's not a display ad but because you're reading something, you're going to spend twice as much time on the (advertiser's) website. The big difference between (our technology) and display ads is that we keep readers in their content zone, so every time readers click on (an ad) they want to get more content. A display ad gets displayed, whereas AdPages gets under the reader's skin and enables them to get closer to the content, which creates more loyal customers. DD: How does the technology enhance business publishers' online advertising campaigns? Strøyberg: People are on our site looking specifically for information on the business and marketing worlds. When they open a publication or brochure and they see the ads, they're going to know what the brand is; and, depending on what the brand is selling, people are going to go to the brand's website. When you click inside the document to learn more, buy or subscribe, you know what you are signing in for. DD: How do business publishers stand to generate revenue from using the technology? Strøyberg: When people come from Google Adwords, or a display ad or anywhere else, sometimes they don't know what they are visiting because they have only seen the top layer (of the message). When they see a document in AdPages in the Issuu network, they know exactly what it is because they've already spent two, to four, to six minutes reading about it—it's like the difference between a movie poster and a movie trailer. When the reader chooses to visit the publisher's site, it's a positive and good referral.
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