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B-to-b advertisers represent the fastest-growing segment of online advertising impressions on mainstream sites, according to a new Jupiter Communications Inc. report.

The report reveals that b-to-b online ad spending growth far outstrips that of other sectors. Included in the report’s findings and predictions:

• B-to-b companies racked up 5.6 billion, or 8%, of ad impressions on mainstream Web sites such as Yahoo! in the second quarter. Jupiter predicts that will jump to 13% by 2001 and to 18% by 2005.

• B-to-b companies spent 54% more on online advertising in the second quarter than they did in the first. If current growth rates persist, b-to-b ad spending in 2000 will be up 462% over 1999.

The research indicates a wholesale move among b-to-b advertisers onto Web sites they would have deemed too consumer-oriented only months ago. The numbers also underscore that b-to-b marketers believe that online advertising works.

Indeed, the report reveals that despite ongoing Nasdaq woes and depleted market caps, executives are spending record amounts on advertising and intend to spend more. Many b-to-b industry watchers had fretted the opposite would happen.

The report, compiled by Jupiter and its new parent Media Metrix Inc., also predicts that the already fragmented b-to-b advertising marketplace will become even more so. Nearly 80% of b-to-b online ad impressions are on 25 of the 500 mainstream Web sites counted in the survey. Favorite b-to-b advertisers’ sites include Yahoo! and Microsoft’s MSN.(See

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