Online advertising during the downturn


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But Alistair Goodman, CEO of location-based ad targeting service 1020 Placecast, said this advantage could be short-lived. “In the first wave of the mortgage crisis about a year ago, mortgage advertisers had been among the leading spenders for premium inventory and could afford to bid up the prices,” Goodman said. “These advertisers dropped out of the top spending category but were replaced by other advertisers that had been priced out.” He predicted a similar trend this time around. What's next for interactive marketers? Budgets may not shrink as much as they will be refocused, said Tom Adamski, CEO of interactive agency LEVEL Studios. “People are going to start analyzing a project's value before analyzing the dollar amount,” he said. A company focused on social media, for example, may decide to continue with that project but realize that they don't need to reinvent the wheel and do it all in house, he said. “Exploratory budgets are definitely starting to dry up,” Adamski said. E-mail is likely to gain even more relevance as marketers use it not only to do branding and traditional marketing but also to communicate with customers, partners and prospects, said Julie M. Katz, an analyst with Forrester Research. “E-mail is going to become much more of an interactive medium,” she added. “From an agency perspective, we always tell everyone to know their customers,” said Julie Lee, managing partner with “Your brand and business goals matter, but what your users' goals are is very important, too. If your banner or Web site isn't providing the right information it's a self-defeating exercise.” M
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