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When Internet consultancy Razorfish Inc. launched its first e-newsletter last month, all unsubscribe requests were accidentally sent to everyone on the e-mail list, and subsequent complaint letters were also sent to the full list. Razorfish quickly issued an apology and has suspended its e-newsletter program indefinitely.

"It was not terribly savvy; someone dropped the ball," said Jonathan Jackson, senior analyst at "If you can’t get an e-mail right, why should I trust you as an Internet company?"

Jackson said Razorfish could have easily avoided the embarrassment if it had hired an e-mail service provider, which handles the control, tracking and privacy of a company’s e-marketing campaign.

"The less sophisticated companies have been doing it for years," said Jackson, referring to e-mail marketing mishaps. "But Razorfish is supposed to be at the top of its game."

The apology, from Razorfish CEO Jean-Philippe Maheu, said the company could not retract the erred messages, "but we will refrain from future e-mails of this type to prevent any possibility of this happening in the future."

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