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Partnership in Print Production, or P3, came together a few years ago when Women in Production merged with the all-male Association of Publication Production Managers. Katerina Caterisano, executive director for P3, gave MB the lowdown on what the group is up to these days.

MB: P3 is mostly made up of magazine production people, right?

Caterisano: Yes, but that's changing. We have a lot of production people from corporations as well as people from ad agencies joining. They are finding it is smarter to know what the publishers are doing-just being in proximity and listening to the same people talk about various things like soft proofing and all the detail and money involved with different projects. It's best to hear what your counterparts are hearing.

MB: So your membership is growing?

Caterisano: Yes. It's been a really hard time for magazines, so it's important to try and listen to all different ways we can possibly stop the decline. There are so many alternative ways of advertising now, so anything we can do to help publishers and advertisers see that publications are the best way, we're trying to do and trying to help.

MB: Are you still having your pizza lunches?

Caterisano: Yes. They're free for those who are unemployed. We get headhunters and HR people to speak at these small luncheons, and they can talk about whatever issues they have. We reduce their membership fee and let them come to the education sessions free as well. Our industry has been devastated to a certain extent and we have to support our people, and it's working. Some are getting jobs through that, and others are just leaving the industry.

-Mark J. Miller

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