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Voicemail. Spam blocker. The U.S. Postal Service. Marketing professionals continue to pine for audiences the Internet hasn't necessarily made more accessible. But a new Web site ( aims to combine pieces of online networking, word-of-mouth and old fashioned social skills to connect sales professionals with potential clients. "Our philosophy is that the path of least resistance is through someone who has worked with [a business] before," said Evan Sohn, founder and CEO of Salesconx. The site, currently in alpha (it has fewer than 1,000 users), allows sales professionals to buy and sell introductions to decision makers. For example, a Queens, N.Y.-based office supply company recently posted a request to be introduced to nearby business owners who need office supplies, listing how much he would be willing to pay for an introduction. If another salesperson on the site contacts him with a possible lead, he can check the seller's profile, which includes his site rank, reviews and how much money he's made off past transactions. If the supplier decides to pursue the introduction, Salesconx will act as a mediator, holding the buyer's money until he is satisfied. "We're delivering more `mouths' to spread the word," Sohn said. "We open doors for people."
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