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The concept of a multimedia brand isn't new to IndustryWeek, which has long used its print publication, events, Web site and research products to deliver news and data to the manufacturing industry. What's changed, said Editor in Chief Patricia Panchak, is how IndustryWeek is covering its industry and how it delivers that information to subscribers.

For one, Panchak is focusing more on the economic, political and social trends affecting manufacturing companies-for instance, the growing influence of China. She's also working to build more of a dialogue between readers and advertisers, encouraging both groups to get involved in forums and blogs on the Web site.

Both moves are part of a plan to provide readers with insight into the big picture. "Only delivering product and services as a solution to manufacturers' problems would create a limited diet," Panchak said. "IndustryWeek seeks to provide that whole menu of information that the executive audience needs to know."

Panchak has also focused on determining the most effective ways to present information to readers. For instance, this year the annual IW 1,000 list of the world's largest manufacturers will run only online, as a searchable database. "There are so many different ways to slice and dice the data, we'd need volumes of [print] pages to address every audience member's needs," Panchak said. "This lets them have more control and get from it what they want."

As IndustryWeek's product family expands to include new media such as webcasts and podcasts, Panchak's editorial staffers are being called on to be more than just strong writers and editors. To meet the challenge, Panchak identifies editors' strengths and assigns their responsibilities accordingly."You put them where they are good, so they can execute successfully."

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