PeopleSoft exec moves business online

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Name: Michael Gregoire
Title: Senior VP, North America
Company: PeopleSoft Inc.
Location: Pleasanton, Calif.
As senior VP of the North American division of PeopleSoft Inc., an e-business software and consulting company with clients such as Verizon Corp., AOL Time Warner Inc. and Boeing Co., Michael Gregoire manages services strategy, sales, resource allocation, delivery, customer satisfaction and training. Prior to joining PeopleSoft, he spent 12 years at Electronic Data Systems Corp., most recently as manager of the New York region. He has a B.S. in physics from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.

BtoB: What aspects of moving business online trouble marketers the most?

Gregoire: If you look at the b-to-b e-commerce business, you need to be able to be more than just a matchmaker. For example, if you look at the auto exchange [Covisint L.L.C.], the real power is not necessarily in the b-to-b exchange mechanism; the real power is the ability to source and supply. None of the software vendors or the vertical markets that are able to do that really have any source and supply—all they are is really a matchmaker or a middle person. So the real success in that business model is to participate in the content development, not just in the content sourcing.

BtoB: What effect will a potential economic downturn have on e-commerce?

Gregoire: There are a lot of products out there that are really good ideas, but they’re not companies. What’s going to happen with a downturn in the stock market is that capital is going to become scarce for a lot of these companies that have [products that aren’t] enough to sustain the marketing, development and research that needs to go on to create and support b-to-b products.

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