Pitney Bowes campaign highlights new mail technology

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Mailing technology and services provider Pitney Bowes needed to fine a way to help its customers understand that its software and hardware deliver more than simply postal mail. In August, Pitney Bowes debuted a new campaign demonstrating that the company can help its customers deliver messages using their own customers' preferred channels—including the Web, email and mobile texting—as well as via the Postal Service. “People who know Pitney Bowes know us from our 90-year legacy in the mailing space,” said Dan Kohn, VP-corporate marketing at Pitney Bowes. The effort, dubbed “Personally,” was designed by Pitney Bowes' agency, gyro, Cincinnati, to show businesses how they can be more successful when they create stronger connections with their customers, no matter what channel is used. It features online display ads, radio, direct mail and events, Kohn said. The centerpiece of the campaign is rich media website, where users encounter one of nine videos. Kohn said visitors are directed to individual videos based on the vertical markets—such as financial services, insurance, health care or small business—that they come from. Someone in the financial services sector, for example, might see a banner on the website of American Banker and be instantly served the appropriate video. “The website and videos deliver the proof,” Kohn said. The display campaign ran on 28 websites representing specific industries (such as and Health Management Technology) and more broadly focused business sites (such as, and Some ads were roll-overs, so a prospect could view the video while remaining on the site they started on. “In that case, as you roll over the video, it pops up and within the ad it will ask you which industry you are in and will serve the most relevant ad for you,” Kohn said.
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