New Pitney President-COO Martin says consolidation will lessen confusion

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Murray D. Martin was promoted to president and chief operating officer of Pitney Bowes in late September after serving as exec VP-group president of Pitney Bowes Global Mailstream Solutions.

The appointment is part of a larger organizational realignment with an eye toward growth. With more than 2 million customers worldwide, the mail solutions provider decided to consolidate its operating activities, and Martin will lead that effort.

In a recent Q&A with BtoB, Martin discussed how he plans to implement some of those changes.

BtoB:What does integration mean from a practical standpoint for the customer?

Martin: We will now be looking at how we make a more seamless offer to the customer of the right products and services for that particular customer segment rather than looking at which business unit calls on the customer. We're looking at how we can supply the right answer to the customer regardless of the business unit it comes from. We began migration earlier this year to create an enterprise group, a small-business group and large corporate accounts. [The new structure] brings those three segments into alignment.

BtoB:What advantages will that have to Pitney as a marketing organization?

Martin: As a marketing organization, it will create common themes and common messages to our customers so that there isn't any confusion. It's aligned in one marketing thought process.

BtoB:What major changes can we expect in the next six to 12 months?

Martin: You'll see a continuation of the customer-facing opportunities. We're not going to attempt one big step that has potential risk to how we operate the business today. We'll move it gradually so that it is a natural evolution for the organization and a natural evolution for our customers. It will be very focused on how we continue to grow the business. As we supply the right offer to the customer at the right time, it'll allow us to expand the penetration of goods and services into each customer.

BtoB:What are the biggest challenges to operations integration?

Martin: As you look at integrating multiple functions, the larger challenges are providing the right skills and capabilities in delivering to the customer so you don't end up with generalists who don't have the skill base to provide maximum benefit to the customer. We need to assure technology and skill are there in terms of how we make those offerings for our customers. We have been doing significant manpower development and training over the last three years as we've headed in this direction. We'll continue to train our customer-facing people with a bigger skill and knowledge base and draw on experts internally to bring them into our customers' sights.

BtoB:Pitney has gone through many changes in the past few years. What do you perceive as the biggest change?

Martin: We've expanded our outlook as to what our company's mission is. We've embraced the entire mail stream. We've expanded organizationally and through acquisitions into the surrounding space. Our mail services business didn't exist 24 months ago, and it is now 6% of revenues. ... The main thing is we've gone from being narrowly focused to broadly focused in our core space and reaped significant value for our customers and growth within the business itself. The overarching picture here is continued focus on growth.

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