Popcorn is for the movies, not marketing

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As marketers, I’ve found that we can be tempted to believe that “lots of marketing” is the answer. This is because, often, our peer group within the organization thinks that more is better when it comes to marketing actions. Well, more isn’t always better, but it is always more expensive. It can also be rather confusing to the market if the actions that we take are like popcorn—random and disconnected pops of activity without any grounding to the customer or to what’s happening in the market. When our marketing efforts are integrated, connected and consistent, then we can optimize the marketing mix and, therefore, spend more wisely and yield better results. One action feeds another and creates a network effect throughout the entire buying cycle.

Ok, so this is all great, but how do you accomplish this? Well, it’s not for sissies! It does take some deliberate consideration, some guts to push back to management when all they want is ‘more’ and a different lens onto your marketing mix.

For example, how about having the person or agency you use for social media meet with your advertising firm and your search company? Yes, all in the same room to discuss what the language of your customer is using, and how best to optimize your advertising and your search using the insight garnered by your social media company. Maybe you’ve done this already. If you have, I applaud you, seriously! For those that haven’t yet, I highly recommend it. I did this when getting ready for the launch of Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac—the ultimate way to run Windows apps on your Mac. I pulled our teams and agencies together so we could synergize, align and strategically focus our efforts. This yielded a more comprehensive and cohesive campaign that has improved our overall Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) and drove three times the impressions in advertising than we had before.

Public relations is another key program to integrate with your campaigns. Go beyond simply optimizing and aligning PR messages with search and advertising. Leverage your hard-earned public relations wins by mining your editorial coverage for influential reviews and quotes that support your value proposition and key messages. Then, integrate these diamonds into your social media campaigns, marketing materials and advertising to amplify your impact by creating a network effect that helps drive consideration, trials and purchases. 

The bottom line: Integrate! Tie your marketing elements together. It’s hard and it takes time, but doing so will help you get more out of your marketing spend. Look for unusual ways to leverage the different pieces of your marketing mix in a fashion you haven’t done before. It’s very likely you will learn something! After all, who wouldn’t rather have a wonderfully prepared meal over a handful of popcorn?

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