Popularity of consolidated media brand reports grows


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The Economist began using the CMR earlier this year. Paul Rossi, managing director-exec VP, Americas, for the publication, said, “The response [from media buyers] has been, "This is great, but we want more.' This isn't perfect, but it's the first step in transparency.” In its CMR, The Economist measures its print and digital paid subscribers (893,208); unique downloads of its app (255,825); average subscription price ($105.11); page views (14.9 million); monthly unique visitors (3.6 million) and Twitter followers (2.3 million). “Increasingly, we are being asked by marketers to put together solutions that access all of our reach,” Rossi said. He added that print requests for proposals have been flat so far this year compared with last year, but multimedia RFPs are up 30%. ACBJ's Fisher said 45% of the company's total audience is in print, while 55% is reached via email, websites, events and other media. Media brands see these multimedia reports as a means to focus on the quality of their audience (particularly their online audience) rather than the quantity of that audience. The goal is to avoid selling on a CPM basis, which many publishers view as a race to the bottom. Fisher, for example, prefers to sell sponsorships. “It's not sold on CPMs or clicks,” he said. “It's a fixed dollar amount. We don't want to do business on a CPM basis. We want to focus on our highly qualified, quality audience.”

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