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Dragonfly, which designs and builds video portals for media sites, and Tremor Media, an online video ad network, have joined forces with American Business Media to develop Global Business Media-TV (GBM-TV). The destination site for business-related video content is due to be launched later this summer at

GBM-TV will allow ABM member companies to post video content for free and receive “guaranteed monetization,” said Tad Davis, VP-marketing and creative services at Tremor Media.

ABM members that join the network and contribute video content will receive a share of ad revenue. Although many of the specifics have not yet been worked out, Davis said, “We expect to charge industry standard CPMs with industry standard revenue sharing.”

As an ad network, Tremor places video advertising on more than 800 media sites for hundreds of brand marketers, such as American Express and Dell. Davis said the biggest brand marketers are moving video budgets online, fueling the demand for more video content in which to place their advertising. The b-to-b audience “has proven to be elusive” for many of these marketers, he said. “[Therefore] they are willing to pay a CPM on the higher side of average to reach that audience.”

Davis added: “We want to have conversations with each of the publishers to make sure we don’t have any channel conflict, to make sure we’re not selling advertising at a lower rate to a publisher’s current customers.”

Joshua Kuvin, ABM chief technology officer, likened GBM-TV to the TV network formula under which affiliates provide programming for the network and use programming provided by fellow affiliates. “By aggregating content created by all the members of GBM-TV, we can help members reduce production costs while at the same time improving the quality of the video,” he said.

When ABM relaunched its Web site earlier this year, it unveiled an upgraded video player. “We were already working with Dragonfly, and we both wanted to have a high-definition [HD] video player on the site,” Kuvin said.

“The quality of our new player is fantastic, and we want to encourage our members to invest in HD.”

In addition to helping members increase the quantity and quality of their video content, ABM is committed to assisting members in monetizing it. “The strategy behind GBM-TV is to break out video as a distinct revenue stream,” Kuvin said.

Currently, many b-to-b media sites monetize video by packaging it with events, print and online advertising. GBM-TV offers media companies an opportunity to monetize video assets one at a time, as well as within packages, he said. ABM will be recruiting half a dozen to a dozen members for a beta test of GBM-TV shortly. Based on the success of the beta, GBM-TV will be rolled out to the full ABM membership.

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