POWER 10: Keith Ferrazzi

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Company: Deloitte Consulting, New York
Title: Chief Marketing Officer
Age: 32
Years at company: 8
Years in b-to-b marketing: 8

Marketing philosophy: Three words -- consistency, differentiation, focus.

Attack advertising, a standard among fast-food marketers and politicians, crossed over last year to the once-staid world of management consulting.

Under Chief Marketing Officer Keith Ferrazzi, Deloitte Consulting last year unveiled its first major ad campaign, a $15 million print and broadcast effort that named names and withheld no punches. The worldwide campaign broke new ground for the sector and showed Deloitte was serious about establishing its brand image.

The GartnerGroup had called Deloitte a "stealth" consultancy, powerful and strong but almost unknown. Mr. Ferrazzi set out to change that with the campaign "Them vs. Us," which underscores the perceived style and substance differences between Deloitte and rivals such as McKinsey & Co. and Andersen Consulting.

Mr. Ferrazzi acknowledges that the campaign was timed to take advantage of the bitter split between Andersen Consulting and Arthur Andersen. One ad, clearly aimed at Andersen's leadership, states: "Them. Arrogance underscores results. Us. Arrogance undermines results." Another ad says: "Them. Only senior managers can impose change. Us. Change imposed is change opposed." Tierney and Partners, a True North Co., Philadelphia, created the ads.

"The theme, `A very different approach for very different results,' really is comparing our working style to the others," Mr. Ferrazzi says. "We provide results that don't unravel when the consultants leave."

Improving the unaided brand awareness of Deloitte is one goal of the campaign. "Them vs. Us" already has increased unaided brand awareness of Deloitte to 33% from 1% before the campaign began, Mr. Ferrazzi says.

"We have a vision of being recognized as among the top three consulting firms by 2002," Mr. Ferrazzi says. "To achieve this vision requires breakout thinking and a serious global marketing effort."

Deloitte's global campaign includes ads in b-to-b media, national newsmagazines and in-flight magazines, as well as event sponsorships.

Having had a taste of victory by using a combative ad style, Mr. Ferrazzi is not about to back down. "Where do we go next?" he asks. "We keep going. We are about to redo our creative campaign but keep the pressure on and continue to be bold, very bold."

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