Pressing Issues

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Carlos Lugo recently moved up the ladder at Ziff Davis Media to become VP-production. Here are his plans for the department.

MB: What's the first change you'll make?

Lugo: We're splitting the department up to handle the three segments separately: the videogame group, the Internet/PC Mag group and the enterprise group. This way, production can concentrate more on both internal and external clients. The next step for production is to work more side by side with both marketing and editorial.

MB: What else?

Lugo: We're centralizing all information and making sure everyone has access to the same tools. A problem we had was that if someone was out, certain tools couldn't be accessed. We can't wait for that. Now, no one has to update their machines. It's all in one font. It's all in one place. The idea is to create as much time [as possible] for production to work with our customers.

MB: Are the other departments into the idea of you working side by side with them?

Lugo: Yes. We're having seminars in June that are open to the whole company to explain what we do and why our department works the way it does. I know not everyone understands what we do. We did the same thing when we bought PC Mag and it really paid off. Six months later, people still knew the lingo and the situations that we dealt with daily, and it helped. The more we understand each other, the better off we are.

-Mark J. Miller

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