Pressing Issues

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Softproofing may be all the rage, but for some-like Mike Morgan, Vance Publishing's corporate production director-it's hard to let go of old habits.

MB: Are you still sending hard proofs?

Morgan: I'm so trained to have that. Even if an advertiser doesn't supply one, I'll pull one myself and we'll make sure that our printer is following those specs as closely as possible. I know we're printing the numbers now and that's going pretty well, but I still get them proofs for verification.

MB: What will it take for you to trust the system?

Morgan: It's going to take me attending a lot more press runs, the first couple of startups for each pub.

MB: Any part of it you're looking forward to?

Morgan: Having the option of allowing advertisers to tap in with some software packages that they can actually view files at their own facilities. Agencies and advertisers can sign off that way. That will probably take the place of the need for a hard proof. There are software additions to these things where the advertiser can actually look at how their color is going to look against our paper stock. Getting our advertisers more involved in that end of the creative process will be a big timesaver for us.

MB: Any problems with softproofing?

Morgan: The ongoing problem is that the more digital the process gets, the more time publishers take. We like knowing that we have additional production time, but everyone seems to take advantage of that. We're more down to the wire than we've ever been before.

-Mark J. Miller

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