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4. Co-whatever

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Co-mailing and co-palletizing seem to have been around for a long time, but printers are still singing their praises. Some have moved forward to allow tabloids and polybagged titles to co-mail and co-palletize, and the rest will likely soon follow. Co-binding, co-manufacturing, co-anything is occurring in order to save publishers money. “We're full-forcing this,” said Dan Weber, VP-sales for Publishers Press. “There's constant conversation trying to find ways to bring titles together in new ways to save money.” Co-mailing, in particular, is so popular that titles have changed trims and designs in order to fit into the proper specs for the process. And it has become a big selling point for printers, which stand to lose publishers quickly if they don't offer co-mailing. A crucial thing for publishers to watch out for is who the other potential members of the co-mail pool will be, as this will have a bearing on the cost savings. Other trends to watch this year include printers providing as many collateral services as possible. “You better believe they're happy to do your magazines and the signs for your booth at the next conference,” Frye said. Also expect to see an increase in the use of ultrawide presses. These “can produce 64 pages per press revolution,” Myers said. “This means that we can deliver almost an entire magazine in one press form,” allowing for cost savings as well as an extended deadline. Glenn Filippone, corporate VP-production at ALM is a fan of the wide-web presses. “That's allowing me to deliver more pages with fewer make-readies,” he said. “You can't argue with that.”
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