Production departments usually called upon to budget cuts first

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Tom Fogarty is the director of production for Vance Publishing Co., which publishes Dairy Herd and Modern Salon. Fogarty landed his first production job in 1990 at Intertec Publishing, which has since been largely subsumed into Penton Media. We asked him about the major challenges production depart-ments are grappling with. Media Business: What are the big issues your production department is dealing with right now? Tom Fogarty: Budgets and how to cut costs in a down economy. Dealing with the United States Postal Service, and its service-reduction announcement. (The Postal Service announced numerous potential changes, including possibly shutting down more than half of its post offices.) I'm sure we will be looking at more electronic-delivery options. We'll be more vigilant on schedules, to get into the postal stream in a timely fashion. Media Business: What are the issues you think are most vexing to production departments across the industry right now? Fogarty: Doing more with less. Production departments do not drive revenue; we support it. The first place companies look to reduce cost is the production department manufacturing efficiencies. Media Business: What has your department done in the last six months that you're most proud of? Fogarty: We overhauled our work flow for better uniformity and standardization. We also introduced Adobe InCopy to our editors, by demonstrating the advantages of InDesign and InCopy working together.
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