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Connie Otto is senior VP-production at The Magazine Group. She has been with the Washington, D.C.-based custom publishing company for 19 years.

MB: What are some of the changes you've seen over the years?

Otto: There were about 10 employees when I started. Now we've got more than 80 for 65 publications. We turn out about 19,000 pages every year, not including one-offs, annual reports and that sort of thing.

MB: What's your biggest issue right now?

Otto: Since we're a client-centric organization, it's making sure we have the technology to service all of their needs so that they're not feeling like little fish in a big pond. … We don't have demand for it right now, but we're making sure we have the technology in place so that our clients can have real-time access to their editorial. So instead of files going back via FTP or having a Web-based site, we want to set it up so that if they want to make editorial corrections to the file, they have direct access. We're pretty close to making that a reality.

MB: How close to actual printing would you allow clients into the files?

Otto: We would have to set up some best practices and procedures, so there's an ultimate cutoff. That way we can ensure that the files have a quality and integrity that lives up to our standards. We've seen companies lose control of this kind of thing. We also see this as a vehicle for repackaging content for the Web, blogs, etc. So it's really important to keep the files' integrity intact.

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