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How will you engage your prospects and customers next year? Chances are you will try new things, experiment with new technologies, new online tactics, and increase your measurement of campaign effectiveness.

Marketing effectiveness is in the spotlight more than ever. CEOs expect their marketing executives to account for how every dollar is spent, how many new ideas have been tried, how far they have pushed the envelope. You have to be willing to take risks, as well as experiment, measure and test.

Sometimes a fresh vision from a new partner, or just an objective outside view, can help us improve our marketing activities. Outside partners and vendors often bring us the new ideas that have worked for others.

We know that everyone has different needs, but we also know that if you are in the b-to-b marketing world, you need partners who are familiar with b-to-b markets, who know your needs and how your customers react. These partners will also know what messages engage these audiences, what media they use and what language they speak.

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Interactive Agencies Direct Marketing Agencies List Managers
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Analytics Vendors/Web Analytics Vendors E-Mail Resources Search Engine Marketer Resources
Event Services Event Designers/Producers Media Power 50
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Thinking of hiring a new ad agency? Look at our lists of 100 b-to-b agencies (page 10), interactive agencies (page 15) and direct agencies (page 16). Every one of these companies really understands b-to-b.

Need to find a list manager or rent a list? Our top list managers list (page 20) features 40 companies with a b-to-b focus.

Need to ramp up your e-mail programs with a first-rate delivery and analytics firm? See our list of e-mail vendors (page 28), which includes the best to be found.

Want to improve the optimization of your Web site or drive more traffic through search engines? See the list of search engine marketing companies (page 33).

Need to improve your event marketing? See our list of event marketing services companies (page 34), event designers and producers (page 38) and virtual event providers (page 37). Need to pick a new convention city? See our list of the largest convention centers in the country (page 41).

Over and over, the lists in this year's Marketers Resource Guide will help you find companies to help you engage your customers and energize your marketing.

Also, don't miss two of our most popular annual features: the Media Power 50 (page 42) and Who's Who in B-to-B (page 50), which highlight the media outlets and people that are leading the charge in the b-to-b world.

I hope you and your organization push the edge, engage and energize your marketing in 2008.

Bob Felsenthal is VP-publisher of BtoB and BtoB's Media Business. He can be reached at [email protected].

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