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Publishers have a great opportunity as budgets expand in 2005 to win back shares of the marketing budgets that have been cut or shifted to direct marketing. BtoB magazine this month details how business marketers are planning to allocate larger overall budgets next year.

We have all read the stories in BtoB and other magazines focusing on the fact that accountability has become a mantra within the marketing department. So it's time to get creative and give marketers more opportunities to get closer to their clients, as long as they are willing to pay for it.

This means offering more unique online products, more small niche events and Webinars, more creative positioning in our print products and better research to help marketers and agencies develop targeted messaging, as well as research to prove the effectiveness of campaigns.

If publishers want to get back some of the dollars lost to direct response marketing, then they need to figure out ways to provide marketers with creative ways to get qualified leads.

With publishing databases, there are great opportunities to provide those leads. The challenge lies in focusing our efforts on creating more complete marketing packages that include nontraditional offerings.

I found the presentations at the ABM Top Management Meeting last month very enlightening on how companies are developing new ways to help marketers, and I feel confident we will see a rise in revenue over the next few years.

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