Publishers pin hopes on iPad


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It's possible the device will change the way users consume content in a variety of formats, which may also change the way content producers generate revenue. “Tablets, with their ability to adequately serve all forms of content—from long works of fiction to short video news clips to complex interactive magazines—have a strong opportunity for all revenue models to emerge,” May wrote in the Outsell report. Of course, it's only been nine days since the device was introduced. When May wrote his report less than a month ago, only 1.1% of his respondents, who were adults over 18, had a tablet device. New tablets, such as Hewlett-Packard Co.'s HP Slate, are due later this year, and tablet usage then is sure to climb. However ultimately the biggest change may not be the device itself but the ad network its app store enables. In an announcement on Thursday about the iPhone's new operating system, Apple unveiled its iAd, a new mobile advertising platform that serves interactive, full-screen video ads inside apps. “The fact is this device is so versatile,” Garamy said of the iPad. “I think it's going to be huge.” M
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