Purchased lists dos and don'ts

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While most agencies and e-mail service providers caution against using rented lists, you may end up using one anyway. If you do, here are some tips from Yvonne Tocquigny, senior partner and CEO of interactive agency Tocquigny, and Denise Hopkins, VP-product development and marketing at Experian Marketing Services. ??Do make sure landing pages are aligned to your list's interests. If you're buying a list of IT managers, your landing page should focus on their specific needs. ??Don't mention the fact that it's a rented list. You might be tempted to welcome potential new clients by announcing where you got the list from. “Don't,” said Tocquigny, “It can be a turn-off.” ??Do test. Even though you're renting the list, make sure you segment it and test it against your own list or other rented lists. ??Don't sacrifice quantity for quality. Often, the best lists are the smallest as they focus on a narrow topic. ??Do ask about best practices. How is the list provider gathering its addresses? Which sites do they use to build their own lists? How often are they cleaning lists? Have they done a good job with permissions and vetting frequency? “Make sure they have good embedded processes,” Hopkins said. —K. J. B.
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