What qualifications should I look for when hiring an e-mail marketing manager?

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Answer: It was inevitable. Your quarterly e-newsletter is now monthly. A lone e-mail promotion to "test the waters" has mushroomed into a weekly event. Your opt-in list is growing by leaps and bounds. E-mail marketing can no longer be left to your administrative assistant or a junior advertising staffer—it's time to dedicate resources to this burgeoning function.

Generally, the role of an e-mail marketing manager or coordinator is to create, execute and manage all aspects of outbound e-mail campaigns and be the primary contact for others involved in the process. While the job function of an e-mail marketer has evolved, there are still some core qualifications you can look for. Look for someone who:

• Is database marketing literate; • Has excellent organizational skills; • Pays attention to detail; • Can handle deadline pressure; • Can manage multiple projects at once.

Job candidates with experience in e-mail marketing should: • Be able to write and/or recognize good copy; • Be familiar with HTML and online design; • Be knowledgeable about data mining and customer data segmentation; • Have direct marketing experience; • Have a good grasp of e-mail and viral marketing concepts; • Have knowledge of e-mail industry best practices; • Understand spam legislation in the U.S. and abroad.

Above all, understand that the qualifications you identify in a potential candidate boil down to your company’s needs. Happy hunting.

Tricia Robinson is senior VP-marketing, at Premiere Global Services (, an outsource provider of business process solutions.

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