Question: Google last week announced it is testing a new CPM-based advertising program that provides targeted, graphical ads on Web sites. What’s the impact on b-to-b publishers?

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"If you’re a publisher and you have a third party selling ads for your Web site, it suggests some level of defeat to me."Jim Spanfeller, president-CEO of

"[Publishers] would do better to be as standoffish as they can [regarding Google]. [Publishers] command what Google doesn’t have—relationships."—Richard Mead, managing director, Jordan Edmiston Group

"Now they get to participate in the brand advertising budgets versus direct marketing or search budget. It will impact any advertising expenditure in any allocation."—Bill Furlong, CEO, SearchChannel

"Google provides eyeballs but doesn’t qualify them. Google can’t provide integrated products. If you’re smart, you can convince [advertisers] that you can provide better solutions." Jayne Gilsinger, senior VP-planning, development & strategic policy advancement, PennWell Publishing

"We’re very niched, so I don’t think it will have a tremendous impact on us. [But] when someone as powerful as Goggle does anything, you have to pay attention."—Gerald C. Ryerson,  president, Edgell Communications

"We have participated in AdSense and it has produced some decent bucks for us. I really don’t think it will have a big impact. [Google’s new program] will hurt those publishers who don’t have a strong Internet product. Advertiser [spending] will come out of print products that are the third orfourth buy."—Humphrey S. Tyler, president, NTP Media

"It will do nothing more than take more dollars out of the pockets of b-to-b publishers."—Norm Kamikow, president-editor in chief, MediaTec Publishing

"In terms of the new image advertising, most of our [inventory] is sold out, so it won’t move the needle forus. But what’s most exciting is the ability to bid for specific sites, which will help strong [media] brands."—Greg Strakosch,  CEO, TechTarget

"I can tell you, competition in the search field is starting to happen. … [The] idea that there’s one overarching search engine is already starting to pass. Lots of diversification to come. I think Google will see itself with lots of competitors."—Patrick Kenealy, CEO of International Data Group (IDG) (responding to an audience question about Google during Monday’s CEO Roundtable panel)

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