Question: How can co-registration help my marketing efforts?

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Answer: Co-registration is one of fastest-growing techniques for e-mail marketers wanting to build their lists. With co-registration, you place your opt-in request or other promotion on the registration page of a heavily trafficked Web site. The heavily trafficked site offers its members the opportunity to receive offers from some of its partners. As users go through the process of signing up, they are taken to a registration page that includes a list of offers (including yours) from which they may choose.

This increased visibility allows you to reach a broader audience than you would have had access to on your own site. When users register for the Web site’s e-mail list, they will see your offer and, by merely checking the box next to it, co-register for your opt-in list along with the site’s list.

Consider the following with co-registration:

  • Opt-in: Ask your co-registration partner for real-time confirmation from registrants, and make sure you have final approval on the look and feel of the follow-up message. If you are going to handle the confirmation on your end, ask the co-registration vendor to send you the opt-in data in real time to ensure that the message is sent immediately following the opt-in.
  • Address quality: Co-registration services charge anywhere from 5 cents to $2 for each referred subscriber. But the price of co-registration data is less important than the quality of the e-mail addresses you’ll receive. The only way to measure quality is to track conversions and revenue over time. Different co-registration sites will generate different quality leads, so shop around and try out several before making your final decision.
  • Offer testing: Ask whether your co-registration vendor targets different offers to different demographics or if they’ll allow you to test the strength of various offers over time.
  • Experts: Co-registration is taking off so quickly that a host of expert brokers and networks are emerging. If you are new to this area of marketing, you might be best served to find a partner that can represent your interests across a wide range of networks and co-registration opportunities.

Bill Nussey is CEO of Silverpop ( ), a permission-based e-mail marketing solutions provider, and author of The Quiet Revolution in E-mail Marketing.

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