Question: Once you have an understanding of who is visiting your Web site, how do you keep them visitors?

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Answer: Provide them with the information they are looking for—the method in which you provide the information is almost as important as the information itself. It is important to provide the information in an easy-to-navigate method and create a first impression that establishes creditability for your Web site and the content it contains. In order to create that all-important credibility, it is important to follow these key tactics:

  1. Create a brand. Your site is going to be defined by the look and feel, not the actual content. Be sure your brand speaks for itself; don’t try to become everything for everyone. One good, qualified lead is better than five bad ones.
  2. Improve the relevance for targeted search phrases. Be cautious, only do it if you have the content to support it. If you have the content, your users will be willing to travel for it. Keep in mind if you fake them out with promises that you can’t keep you are likely to lose them for good. If it feels like you are "keyword spiking" your current content, then you should take a step back and organize a content strategy. This strategy may include: cross-linking opportunities, improved keyword density, consistent voice and calls to action.

Thomas Obrey is co-founder and chief operating officer at PixelMEDIA, Portsmouth, N.H. He can be reached at [email protected].

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