The 'before and after' question

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Larry Selby in March was named to the newly created position of VP-e-products for the Substantive Law Group at ALM, which specializes in legal markets. He's taken charge of converting many of the group's print products to digital formats and is also heading up the acquisition of licensed, partnered and commissioned content for online publishing. Media Business: What is your sales and marketing strategy for converting all 130 ALM legal titles to online formats? Selby: We'll focus our initial efforts on promoting the advantages of Web-based products for the attorney doing research. We won't be forcing a media choice or product bundles on customers. Subscribers will have the choice of purchasing a single product in online-only format or a print/online package. We're not phasing out print. Market research shows that a certain profile in law firms still likes the print option, and we don't want to force any media choices on customers. MB: How can business publishers get their hands around opportunities in work flow? Selby: We have to start looking more deeply at what problems our subscribers are trying to solve by going to our publications. An important question our CEO [William Pollak] mentions is: What is the subscriber doing five minutes before they find our text and five minutes after accessing the text? We have to examine their desktop to better understand their needs.—M.S.
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