Quick or cheap—pick one.

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  • Quick or cheap—pick one. Dramatic results come with time and/or support from traditional mass marketing. You won't get big results in three weeks on a small budget.

  • Keep control of the brand. Employees need to engage on your behalf under your brand umbrella. Don't let them build a personal brand on your dime, then take the audience elsewhere.

  • Measurement matters. Choose your criteria: Awareness, conversation, sales? Pick metrics and monitor to see if you're achieving them.

  • Keep your finger on the pulse. It's a cliché because it's true. There's lots of great (free) software that tells you what people are saying about you online. Use it. Always stay tuned in.
  • Correct course. Don't launch and leave; watch how people interact with your program. If it isn't working, revise.

Source: Maggie Fox, founder of the Toronto-based Social Media Group marketing agency

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