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Agency: Nicholson Kovac, Kansas City, Mo. Campaign name: FMC Usual Suspects Launch date: January 2008 Creative credits: Copywriter: Amy Dorsette Why we liked it: How do you sell herbicide to soybean farmers? That's not the setup to a joke; it's a real-life business situation that ad agency Nicholson Kovac and its client FMC faced when introducing Authority Assist herbicide to the market. One of the answers they came up with was to use a comedic radio spot to reach the farmers. The spot tells the story of a farmer visiting his broad leaf weeds in prison. The well-executed idea is that Authority Assist herbicide has put these weeds in confinement. The exchange between the sweet-voiced farmer and the gravelly voiced weed does have a bit of humor. The weed tells the farmer, “This isn't "The Weedshank Redemption.' ” The radio spot concentrates, however, on getting across the important information a farmer would need to become sold on Authority Assist. For instance, the spot makes sure to identify the broad- leaf weeds the product is designed to attack: waterhemp, lambsquarter, velvetleaf and foxtail. The ad asks for the order, directing farmers to contact their local FMC distributor. Then the spot closes with a nice coda: “This isn't the last you'll hear from us,” say the imprisoned weeds. “Oh, yes it is,” answers the farmer.
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