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Agency: Mobium, Chicago Campaign name: TechTalk/TLAs Launch date: September 2007 Creative credits: Gordon Hochhalter, Margaret McIntyre, Kevin Watts, Ellen Miller, Jean Fox-Robertson, Charlie Gallie, Margie O'Malley, Dawn Martin, Sharon English, Natashia Bryson, Adam Brower, Katie Edling Why we liked it: It's all too rare that the humor in an ad contributes directly to what product or service is being sold. This 60-second radio spot created by Mobium for Internet provider Time Warner Cable Business Class is an exception: The humor and the selling proposition dovetail perfectly. Time Warner is presenting itself as a straightforward technology option with no jargon and lots of service. So when a businesswoman calls an unnamed Internet provider and says, “Hi, I'm calling about Internet services for my business,” she receives the classic jargon-filled, bureaucratic runaround. First, she's told, “I'm sorry, ma'am, they don't pay me to know about your business. My specialty is TLAs ... three-letter acronyms. For baffling answers to your questions, I'll have to transfer you.” Nicely done, and it sounds like many phone conversations with call centers that we've all experienced. And there's more: To one infuriating bit of jargon, the businesswoman mutters, “You've got to be kidding me.” The customer service person replies, “Oh no, ma'am, I'm not trained in sarcasm. Please hold while I transfer you to that department.” The spot ends with a call to action, an 800 number no less. Now the real trick for Time Warner is to make sure its call center doesn't duplicate the one depicted in the ad.
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