Reaching Hispanics is Easy…

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Knowing how to communicate to this audience demands a learning curve. Here are some very broad guidelines that will help get your message to the market.

  • Educate the market about your product; acculturation levels are wide-ranging and not everyone in the market will have the same depth of knowledge. At the same time, don’t be condescending in your explanation. This audience is not dumb; they’re just unfamiliar with your product.
  • Make certain you use culturally relevant messages and images that are benefits driven and oriented to the family. Don’t stereotype—big hats and conga lines are not the way to go.
  • Make your communications bilingual, as Hispanics households are multigenerational and levels of acculturation will vary within a home; plus, should your communication arrive at a non-Hispanic household, using English messaging could lessen the potential negative feedback from the non-Hispanic consumer.
  • When making financial services offers through direct mail, use a #10 envelope; Hispanics perceive these offers as serious and institutional. Oversized envelopes are seen as promotional and less important.
  • Make the offer clear and to-the-point. Show-and-tell instructions work well for the response mechanism. Instant discounts will have a higher response than mail-in rebates.
  • Expect telemarketing calls to last longer than average; Hispanics will invariably call to inquire about the offer before making a purchase decision. Hispanics respond positively to telemarketing and often purchase through this medium.
  • Don’t have operators who speak only Spanish. Hispanics exhibit different levels of comfort with English and Spanish and often switch languages while speaking. Bilingual operators are the way to go.
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