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HEADLINE "Survey: E-mail and digital marketing crucial part of overall strategy' E-mail Marketer Insight, Feb. 18 Comment: I think the growing trend will be for companies and organizations to set up their own social networks and own their online groups, advertise to them, build loyalty, communicate with them (permission based marketing—if someone “joins” your network, they give you permission to e-mail them with news) and even sell goods from the network site. A good start would be inviting all the members of the organization's Facebook page over to their own new “real estate” in the sky. Companies like SocialGO and Ning (being bipartisan) offer this sort of hosted tool for around $25 a month. —Dominic HEADLINE "Outsourced marketing: Expertise without overhead' "BtoB,' March 8, page 8 Comment: Many of our clients outsource to gain special expertise to complement their internal marketing executives and teams. The speed of evolution in the ever-changing landscapes of search, social, Web 2.0 and Internet marketing is increasingly difficult for corporate marketers to keep up with. Outsourcing allows them to identify specific needs according to strategic goals and the vendors offering marketing specialties that will help them achieve those goals more efficiently. Virtual partnerships with the right partner, rather than who happens to be in the immediate geographic vicinity, can produce even better results and ROI. —Anonymous
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