Are you ready for a 'blogozine'?

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Tony Perkins, best known as the founder of Red Herring-which reached phone-book thickness during the dotcom boom before folding during the bust-is planning to launch a new print magazine.

The twist? The new quarterly will draw its name, inspiration and at least some of its reader-driven content from Perkin's blog-driven online community, AlwaysOn.

Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, Perkins ventured to call the new blog spin-off a "blogozine." The print magazine will focus on important trends in technology innovation. Look for it to be a star-studded affair, with the usual name-drops of tech celebrities and lots of insider talk about the technology universe.

More intriguing is Perkins' commitment that "over 50% of the content in the issue [will] come from either AlwaysOn members or will be posts that our members considered valuable," Perkins wrote in the blog-posting announcing the magazine launch.

Perkins founded AlwaysOn based on a unique editorial vision. The brand includes blogs, e-newsletters, a members-only "social network" of senior technology executives and events including the AlwaysOn Innovation Summit and Salon Series. The business strategy, according to Perkins, is that marketers will find this new environment an attractive vehicle for establishing more personal relationships between customers and their brands.

Blogs continue to infiltrate mainstream media while upstarts such as Perkins' AlwaysOn, Nick Denton's Gawker Media and Jason Calacanis' Weblogs Inc. try to build new publishing empires from the blog up.

Commenting on the AlwaysOn print launch on his own blog, Calacanis said he's been "thinking about" a print publication since he launched his own blog network, noting that while online seems to be where the action is these days, "people love to have their picture on a cover of a magazine." - -Richard Karpinski

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