Are you ready for a tablet media world?

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Are we moving to a tablet media world?

Whether you have an iPad or not, you certainly are aware by now of how impactful the device can be for delivering a printed page. Visually stunning and impressive to flip through—without getting ink on your fingers!

Many media brands are rushing to release apps for the iPad or similar tablet devices. Our own BtoB magazine is among those that have jumped in. I was pleased to find great demand for our free iPad app, as we generated more than 1,500 downloads in its first month with no promotion.

While tablets present a wide array of revenue opportunities, whether through paid subscribers or advertising, the buzz alone seems to be worth it right now. Advertisers really want to be located in apps, and readers are quick to check them out.

More than 8 billion apps were downloaded last year, and that figure is expected to hit 17.7 billion this year, according to a Gartner Inc. report. This new world of mobile media apps represents a tremendous opportunity for b-to-b media companies.

Even if the only reason to own a tablet is to have quick access to a wealth of magazines, newspapers and books—without having to lug them around—this alone will soon make them a must-have for businesspeople.

I encourage you to consider your app strategy now and implement it soon. As some have predicted, as many as half of b-to-b media readers may be on iPad apps within five years. That's a significant reason to get your mobile strategy ready.

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